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Organisation: mix llc.
Name: Mitsue Watanabe
E-Mail: mitsue@mixim.jp
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Poppins Nursery School Ichigaya

Description of Project: What was the challenge? Poppins Nursery School Ichigaya is an urban nursery school in Tokyo that combines education and childcare (education + childcare = Educare) for children aged 0 and older. The bright space includes a space with partitionthe for play and nap area, and small Educare corners. The primary challenge was to create a environment for small children who were not learning the language. What was the solution? The solution was the creation of an graphic to induce activity in small children. The full size animals are not merely wall graphics. The activities of the animals are “Educare” signs, where neither words nor verbal expression are needed. What kind of book should I pick? The space where the long-handed monkey is looking for a picture book is a book corner. The space where a rabbit runs away is a hide and seek corner. A lazy polar bear is taking a nap in a space where children can spend their time alone. The space with wood branches that little birds gather is a locker space where good-morning and goodbye greetings are exchanged. It is full of activities such as comparing heights with animals or having a footrace with animals taller than them. What was the effect? The design expresses our hope that children can enjoy the space and learn and grow while communicating with animals. The project was able to create a fun environment for young children, which was credited with providing memorable childcare and education. And the project has won a prominent Japanese sign design award.

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