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Organisation: Dot Dash Pty Ltd
Name: Despina Macris
E-Mail: despina@dotdash.com.au
Category: Traffic and Public Transport

Name of Project: Moreton Bay Cycleway Wayfinding System

Description of Project: Our brief was to develop a simple, cost effective sign system that could be rolled out over time. The signage system was intended to clearly identify the cycleway and then provide information and advice for cyclists travelling on the cycleway. The signage would give all visitors a sense of confidence when travelling and assist with public safety and security. We have developed a simple ‘Kit of Signs’ that can be applied as specific sections of the MBC are completed. The signs strength is in their use of a simple identifier, use of colour in the landscape as well as detailed information tailored to meet the needs of the cyclists. Also, traditionally, signs for cyclists may carry information that is high for their riding position forcing the cyclist to look up. The positions of the new signs provide safe and user-friendly viewing planes for cyclists in motion.

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