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Organisation: look! design
Name: Stefanie Schłffmann
E-Mail: stefanie@look-design.at
Category: Healthcare

Name of Project: LKH Leoben, Intensivstation Kinder & Jugendliche/Neonatologie

Description of Project: In the course of the LKH Leoben reconstruction, the intensive care unit for children and adolescents / neonatology became a new design, which should represent the existing color concept of the building. It was particularly important to make the emotionally difficult stay for the children ˝ from newbornes to the age of 18 ˝ their relatives as well as nurses and doctors as comfortable as possible. Round forms, fresh colors and cheerful illustrations were combined with natural elements to create an empathetic and at the same time energizing and positive atmosphere. The humorous, cheerfully drawn characters from animal and fantasy worlds are used on door signs, as well as on wall and ceiling surfaces. In the treatment rooms, design elements put medical equipment in the background and thus bring people there to other thoughts. Wooden hemispheres distract the parents attention and help them to reload their energy. The combination of illustrations an natural elements creates a positive distraction and a stress-reducing effect for parents and children in an exceptional situation. The design supports a positive healing atmosphere and does not emphasize illness, difficulty of individual situations, nor bad emotions.

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