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Organisation: Designgruppe Koop
Name: andreas koop
E-Mail: info@designgruppe-koop.de
Category: Corporate design and communications

Name of Project: anti-boring-booklet

Description of Project: What was the challenge? Spend time in an orthodontic practice waiting room sounds absolutly not like fun. Especially not for children and teenagers in the age between 8 and 17 years. How could these patients be cheered up a bit without entertain them with electronic devices such as televisions or tablets? What was the solution? The simple idea of keep them busy with quiz games led to the ªanti-boring-booklet´ which is also the title of this brochure. It includes quizzes, drawing tasks or funny stories which have to be completed. All the animals were especially illustrated and refer to the specific area of the southern west part of bavaria, Germany. Each of them is part of the quiz or task with its unique character, a lovely smile and mostly big ñ and of course ñ healthy teeth. The design is part of the hole branding for the orthodontist. The animals and bright colours are also placed in the practice interior in many different ways to create an unique and casual atmosphere. What was the effect? The ªanti-boring-booklet´ is stored in the waiting room and could be filled in by the patients. It is printed on certified 100% recycling paper and in greyscale to ensure an easy use for pencils and give the opportunity to colour the book itself. The young patients love to do the crossword puzzle or matching the right teeth to the right animal. Particular the patients they are feared are very happy to be sidetracked by something physical.

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