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Organisation: S‰genvier DesignKommunikation
Name: Sigi Ramoser
E-Mail: ramoser@saegenvier.at
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Gebr¸der Weiss, Signage Design

Description of Project: We got the pleasant task to develop a wayfinding system for the headquater of Gebr¸der Weiss, a logistics company located in Lauterach/Austria. Our work was about understanding what people in the company are doing, the things which influence and determine their way of thinking and their behavior. Movement is a main concept of Gebr¸der Weiss ñ not only the goods, but also the people and the company itself are in a constant movement. Set in motion, the embleme ñ the orange square ñ becomes a blurred shape and -finally a point. Based on the point as a highly moveable form, we derive starting points, arrival point, viewpoints and points of i-ntersection. The idea is about connecting points and -rising up lines inbetween them, which are forming active networks that reflect the world of Gebr¸der Weiss. Furthermore, the point provides the -fundament for creating a specific typo-graphy and -pictograms for the wayfinding system. The design of ground markings and -direction signs are also following the same concept. The infographic on the glass fronts connects via virtual lines the employees from the headoffice in Lauterach with customers and staff members all over the world. These connections illustrate the different altitudes of the sun and therefore the clock time at the respective locations. This could animate people to develop an awareness for their collegues far away. One takes the first coffee in the morning, while another enjoys allready his well-earned closing time drink. ªVillage squares´ are created to offer open encounters and exchange zones to everybody. These spaces should help to escape from the daily routine and to find -a relaxing moment. To make also the workaday life of the -drivers visible in the headquater, road markings from different countries bring this reality back to the world of -management. Walking across the 70 meters long tunnel from the old to the new office building, you pass several locations along a virtual 47th degree of latitude. This walk ªaround the world´ is ment to overcome barries and distances. All intentions of this project are aiming to bring toghether and to feel the world of Gebr¸der Weiss.

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