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Organisation: Matic Leban - visual communications designer
Name: Matic Leban
E-Mail: info@maticleban.com
Category: Traffic and Public Transport

Name of Project: Papercast Design System

Description of Project: Papercast is a ground breaking digital passenger information solution using solar powered wireless e-paper displays. It is highly versatile in terms of real-time updating, visibility, configurability and infrastructure independence. What was the challenge? Challenges were how to create a universal system for presenting passenger information that is highly adaptable to a variety of contexts. And also, how to compensate for the lack of colour, how to streamline the development process on B2B level and finally, how to improve the clarity and relevance of information for the end-users. What was the solution? Based on the market requirements we developed modular information components on a common grid system. These “building blocks” can adapt to the given screen size, orientation and interaction requirements. The modularity enables the use of custom labels and other globally implemented identity elements specific to the transport system’s requirements. What was the effect? Papercast is already developing or deploying configurations for clients such as Flixbus, TfL, BVG, GTT, RTA and Metrolink. These are just some of the +120 worldwide projects. Most recently, the system has enabled Papercast to quickly offer solutions in regards to the COVID-19 measures*.

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