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Organisation: mix llc.
Name: Mitsue Watanabe
E-Mail: mitsue@mixim.jp
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Chiba University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Description of Project: What was the challenge? Chiba University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a new faculty established at a historic national university. The primary challenge was to create a Newly designed educational environment to foster new values for new faculty. The new faculty is aiming to train global human resources with diverse values and perspectives while crossing existing disciplines. The base of the new faculty is an existing building planned according to an old architecture concept, despite being a new faculty, side-by-side placemented with many other buildings in the campus. Well-designed educational environment can unlock even more of students boundless potential. Transforming their Learning surroundings in subtle but very tangible ways to heighten their spirits and focus learning awareness. What was the solution? The solutions was to create a shareable symbolic graphic and contextualized staircase space. The symbolic graphic with the world map is made of a collection of lines with slightly different angles and colors which is an embodiment of the diversity of our educational philosophy. There are no country borders. At the staircase space each floor, our main focus is led to one line. The line creates the world by becoming an aggregate, and at the same time a single line that extends freely and powerfully represents one person and one sense of value. Overlapping and gathered lines shows a message that we can create with our hands a big world where various values exist and are embraced by each other. It will enable and support students that feel like they belong and own mission. What was the effect? This project has created a bright and cheerful environment that was welcomed by the students and teachers. It´s more fun than anything. The students voluntarily chose to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and the change in their behavior turned the stairs into a creative communication space. This project allowed the design of the architectural space to change people´s consciousness and behavior.

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